Monday, November 11, 2013

Our dream come true - eighteen months later

I am a tired mama tonight.
I spent a wonderful Veteran's Day with my Baker Boy.
My Baker Boy who is a big eighteen month old today!
I am feeling especially euphoric tonight.
Maybe it's the overwhelming feeling of gratitude to those who serve and have served our country who have allowed me the opportunity to live and worship freely.
Maybe it's the feeling that today, I didn't miss a single smile, a single word, a single moment as a mommy.
Maybe it's the high I am still on after a day of worship singing praises to the One who is worthy of all my praise.
Whatever the reason, I am glad for it.
The feeling is only perpetuated as I look back at sweet pictures from the previous week.
On the way to Barnes and Noble for a weeknight date with Brian and Baker, I captured this priceless picture - Brian singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" with Baker. I love the way he loves our boy, and unashamedly sings nursery rhymes smack dab in the middle of McFarland Boulevard!
While we were there, I got a little emotional.
The thought struck me, that right there, in the middle of the pages of some of the greatest stories ever written, we were writing our own. A story for the ages. A story of love, a story of hope, a story of us.

On Friday, Rise hosted a "Beat LSU" pep rally.
It was incredible!
Big Al, the pep band, cheerleaders, and the Crimson Cabaret were all there.
We love Rise and we love the way the University of Alabama loves Rise!
This beautiful girl is now a member of the Crimson Cabaret. It's hard to believe I babysat her and then taught her Sunday School class. We love Miss Hannah!

My handsome boys after church on Sunday.
Baker and his Nana are thick as thieves. They have a relationship like none I have ever seen.
We are so blessed she is part of our lives!

Doctor Baker is in the house.
And just so you know, this favorite toy is currently fever free and ready to return to school tomorrow.

Brian built Baker a swing set yesterday afternoon and the smiles have multiplied exponentially.
We were swinging to the sunrise this morning.
Oh, how I love days home with this little boy.

Baker and I made our way to Columbus today to surprise some of my favorite teachers.
We also got to have lunch with BeBe.
What a special treat!

We finished the day with a Fall photo shoot. I cannot wait to share those pictures with you!
We sang this song in church Sunday and I cannot get enough!
"The Great I Am"
Phillips, Craig, and Dean
Wishing you all a very happy Veteran's Day and a fabulous week!