Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Peace, Love, and Green Beans

How is Little Man old enough to be eating foods?
Wasn't he just born yesterday?
As I mentioned in this post, the doctor gave us the go ahead for food. 
I was not totally sure about giving him food at 4 months.
It seemed so early.
We started slowly, with cereal and oatmeal.
Homeboy was in hog heaven!
His love for food comes naturally.
I love food.
Love the smell, love the texture, love the taste, love the feel good, love the anticipation.
I love food.

This girl would totally come out if I'd let her!

Back to my precious.
Let me give you a little background.
As a newborn, Baker would awaken every 2-2 1/2 hours to eat.
Then, slowly he outgrew that lovely phase and was sleeping for 9 hours a night.
This was such a special time I will always cherish.
But let's be honest.
Sweet Jesus, mommy loves her sleep.
And 9 glorious hours.
Then lo and behold, Mister Mister turned 4 months old and was waking up at midnight and 3 am begging, pleading, with not very nice words I might add, to be fed.
And you know how that story goes:
if you give a Baker some food,
he's gonna ask for a clean diaper.
And if you give a Baker a clean diaper,
he's gonna ask for a story, just one teensy tiny story.
And if you give a Baker a story,
he's gonna ask for a lullaby.
And if you give a Baker a lullaby,
he's gonna ask for a cuddle.
And if you give a Baker a cuddle,
he's gonna like it so much, he's gonna ask,
for just this one night,
to sleep in his mommy and daddy's bed.
Ok, I realize a little background turned into If You Give a Baker a Bottle,
but that's what led us to eating.
Doc says he's ready, so let's go!
One of my BFFs is SuperMom.
Yes, you, Kristen!
I want to be just like her when I grow up.
She has a super precious boy, and has this mommy thing all figured out!
She is the guru of baby foods, so I am modeling after her.
I took out my Baby Bullet and whipped up a batch of uber tasty green beans.
And while it was not love at first sight,

I think he's learned to love it!


Yes, this is what our evenings have come to.
We rarely turn on the television.
Who needs sitcoms for entertainment?
It doesn't get any more entertaining than feeding a baby.
Time for dinner, folks.

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