Friday, September 14, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

Our little turned four months this week.
And we celebrated with a birthday dinner!

His bib reads, "My Dad is Cooler than Your Dad."
True story.
His dad is a pretty cool cat!
I am loving going through all of our bibs.
It's like having baby showers all over again!
I forgot we had so many.

My big boy is loving him some cereal!
He's not quite ready for a highchair,
so we are using his bouncy seat.
I love this!
Brian and I sit on the floor in front of him.
We are gushing to one another about how he was just born yesterday,
and how is he already eating off of a spoon?
And making silly faces to get him to open his mouth.
And transforming the spoon into a 747 as it noisily propels to its destination.
And Baker not so patiently awaits his next bite.
He purses those irresistible little lips, and makes this
smacking sound as he sucks his new found delicacy off the spoon.
It's the sweetest sound. 

Also this week, we have been practicing using the Bumbo.
Since Baker has been demonstrating more head control,
he has been spending more time in his Bumbo.
Today, he gave me the nod.
The nod that said, "Yeah Mom, I 'preciate your help.
I needed it for a long time.
But now I'm stronger; now I think I got this."

I'm pretty sure it's the same nod I'll get when I take the training wheels off his bike,
and he walks into school without me,
and drives by himself.
Oh geez, independence is going to be tough on this mommy.


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