Friday, June 12, 2015

Barrett's Birth Story - Bringing Home Baby (Part Three)

We hugged necks and whispered goodbyes over his purring snore.
We said I'll see you laters to some of the ones who, in the past forty-eight hours,
 had become a part of some of our sweetest memories.
We captured last pictures of the room where he spent his first night.
We dressed him in a white linen frock with delicate blue piping.
The same one that first dressed his brother for his ride home almost three years ago.
And then, late on Sunday afternoon, we brought him home.
From Friday to Sunday, what a blessing to finally hold him in my arms.
Everything was prepared just so.
His bed so perfectly made,
gowns and cloths and the cutest little socks you ever did see tucked neatly in their place,
a sign over his bed with Elizabeth Barrett Browning's most love-filled sonnet,
all things baby - books, blankets, and washcloths.
Newborn diapers and wipes warmed for changing.
All the creams and powders and lotions that make a baby smell so scrumptious
with skin so soft.
His rocking chair primed for midnight feedings and wondrous daydreams.
Our home was ready for our boy.
When we brought him in, I took such joy in something that seems so silly.
I walked Barrett into each room, introducing him to our favorite spots,
where we share our evening meals,
his big brother's bed and favorite hiding nook.
I showed him our favorite books and where we'd cuddle up and read each night.
I walked him to pictures of our favorite memories and told him of the stories behind each, all the while giddy at the memories we would make with him.
Welcome home, my sweet boy.
Our house is not perfect.
It doesn't belong on the pages of a magazine or decorator's showcase.
There is often laundry beckoning to be folded, dishes waiting to be washed.
There are mess ups and spills.
There are occasional tears and tantrums.
But our house is a home filled with love.
There is forgiveness.
There are tickle fights and the best couch cushion forts you ever did see.
There are blankets for snuggling.
Off of our walls bounce the melodies of songs with made up lyrics and off beat tunes.
There are kitchen dance parties.
There are I love yous.
There is trust and respect.
And now, there is you.
How thrilled we are for the one whose presence has filled our heart to finally fill our home.
Our sweet little sack of sugar has been home for just over three weeks,
and I can't help but wonder how we ever lived without him.







How sweet it is to love you.
And how very sweet it is to be loved by you.
Welcome Home, Barrett Bell.
Let the fun of life with two boys begin!!


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