Friday, March 21, 2014

World Down Syndrome Day - Unending blessings

I am known to think all the thinks.

I think too long.
I think too high.
I think too deep.
I think too early.
I think too late.

On this World Down Syndrome Day, my mind is doing what it does so well, thinking all the thinks.

I woke up this morning at a time no sane person should be doing anything but log sawing. Since sleep had forsaken me, I trudged from the bedroom, grabbed my favorite white down throw, and made my way to our new back porch. This spot is slowly becoming one of my favorites in our home. Harley, our four year, four legged child greeted me with a slobbery, sleepy kiss and nudged me until I gave in and scratched him just so under his worn leather collar. With my feet propped on the table, my body warm inside the throw, my sweet pup purring beside me, squirrels awakening in the trees overhead, I prayed.

When my prayers quieted, I opened Jesus Calling.

March 21.
World Down Syndrome Day.

The two words tucked in the middle hold so much weight and so little at the same time.
Words, that before Baker was born, caused trembling and angst deep down to my core.
Words, that today, I will proudly wear emblazoned on my Team Baker shirt.
Words, that today, are just words.
They are not defining words.
They are not confining words.
They are words of hope.
They are words that have fostered friendships.
They are words that have opened doors.
They are words that have beckoned celebrations.

Today, March 21.
"Trust Me and don't be afraid, for I am your Strength and your Song. Think what it means to have Me as your Strength. I spoke the universe into existence; My Power is absolutely unlimited! Humans weakness, consecrated to Me, is like a magnet drawing My Power into your neediness. However, fear can block the flow of My Strength into you. Instead of trying to fight your fears, concentrate on trusting Me. When you relate to Me in confident trust, there is no limit on how much I can strengthen you."

And the verse to accompany today's devotion, it's perfectly perfect. "Surely you have granted him unending blessings..." Psalms 21:6

Unending blessings.
That's what I think when I think about Baker.
Unending blessings.

With the sun now creeping over the horizon in the distance, the birds beginning to sing their morning song, and the blissful drone of the coffee maker dripping caffeinated goodness into the pot below, I am awed by the Lord's unending blessings.

Many of which come in the form of a little boy who has stolen my heart and carries it so tenderly in his.

My Baker.
With his brown eyes that sparkle and his toofie smile that shines.
His hands that tangle and twist in my hair.
His feet that beckon to be bare.
His hair that lays every which way but down.
His eyelashes that are going to be the death of my loving firmness.
His kiss that is open mouthed and planted out of the blue, just because.
His love for books that will trick me in to breaking bedtime just for the sheer joy of reading to my little boy.
His mark on my body.
His mark on my heart.
His fondness for his daddy and wrestling and getting dirt in all his cracks and crevices and bouncing too high and sliding too fast.
His early morning song.
His need to look under, and check in, and discover all things new.
His afternoon routine of feeding Harley too many dog bones. And threatening to taste more than just one.
His smile. His laugh. His breath. His smell. His love.
Unending blessings.

I also wrote about celebrating World Down Syndrome Day last year. I invite you to read that post here.

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