Monday, March 17, 2014


I have always loved March 17.

It's a day we celebrate my beautiful friend, Ashley. She is a wonderful friend and the best mommy to a most precious little boy.

I get to eat Lucky Charms for breakfast.
Hello yummy goodness that is a bowl of milk filled with sugar, coated in sugar, and sprinkled with more sugar.
All the things are covered with leprechauns, glitter, pots of gold, clovers, and rainbows.
And it's a good excuse to wear my favorite green scarf and ink my boy with a glittery green tattoo.

Today, the good Lord gave me another reason to love March 17.

It is a day I will always remember as the day Baker walked.
Click on the video icon or access the YouTube video here.
I promise, you will want to watch all 28 seconds. Promise, promise!

From the day he was born, Brian and I have prayed over every inch of Baker's little body. We have prayed strength, and increased muscle tone, and for his little body to work in perfect harmony to walk in its time. We have gone to therapies, and ordered special orthotics, shoes, and hip helpers to teach and train his muscles. We have bandaged skinned knees, and kissed bitty baby bruises, and cheered big cheers. We have laughed and celebrated and encouraged and challenged.
Today, Baker walked.
Today, prayers were answered.
Today, we have grinned giddy grins.
Today, we have boasted in the goodness of our Lord and His perfect timing.
Today, I ordered a new pair of tennis shoes. I am quite certain my days of sitting are long gone. My boy is on the move and he is unstoppable.
Watch out world. Baker Boy is unstoppable!

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